Originals Collection Swatch

Ranges included:     Carlton   |   Georgina  |   Lisbon  |   Oslo

The Originals Collection features a selection of  leather grades in a total of  56 100% leather colourways, offering you a world of choice.

Please Note: Swatch images are for guidance only and should not be relied on for final purchase decisions

 Leather Grades

These extremely durable leathers are corrected grains, meaning they have been pigmented and buffed in the tannery.  This process will conceal some of the natural characteristics of the leather, such as scars and veins. Some natural imperfections will still be visible on the finished piece of furniture.  Each range features a selection of attractive colourways.


Cloud swatchCloud
Wool swatchWool
Taupe swatchTaupe
Espresso swatchEspresso
Steel swatchSteel
Midnight swatchMidnight
Salsa swatchSalsa
Merlot swatchMerlot


Snow swatchSnow
Ivory swatchIvory
Praline swatchPraline
Chestnut swatchChestnut
Cherry swatchCherry
Claret swatchClaret
Mocha swatchMocha
Forest swatchForest
Mist swatchMist
Slate swatchSlate
Atlantic swatchAtlantic
Pacific swatchPacific
Black swatchBlack

Our Ranch leather has been lightly buffed and a micro pigment has been applied to dye the surface. It is embossed and the top coat of pigment is applied by a fine roller coating. The principal characteristic of the finished leather is the soft handle and mottled finish.


Biscuit swatchBiscuit
Stone swatchStone
French Mustard swatchFrench Mustard
Dark Cherry swatchDark Cherry
Oak swatchOak
Saddle swatchSaddle
Bracken swatchBracken

Also a corrected grain, however the careful selection of hides for Mezzo means that the leather is not as heavily corrected and pigmented as Madras or Moda. The leather is very soft to the touch and is very durable. As with all natural leather furniture, some imperfections will still be visible.


Vintage Tan swatchVintage Tan
Ice White swatchIce White
Off White swatchOff White
Beige swatchBeige
Hessian swatchHessian
Mink swatchMink
Truffle swatchTruffle
Cafe Noir swatchCafe Noir
Mustard swatchMustard
Tango swatchTango
Blaze swatchBlaze
Wine swatchWine
Shiraz swatchShiraz
Olive swatchOlive
Denim swatchDenim
Lavender swatchLavender
Deep Purple swatchDeep Purple
Fog swatchFog
Silver Haze swatchSilver Haze
Squirrel Grey swatchSquirrel Grey
Ebony swatchEbony
Navy swatchNavy
Parchment swatchParchment

Annata is a semi-aniline leather, which is a thinner hide than Ranch.  This beautiful, natural full grain leather features an oiled finish in order to achieve a pull-up, two-tone effect.  This very high quality leather is also extremely luxurious and soft to the touch.


Roasted Coffee swatchRoasted Coffee
Intense Chestnut swatchIntense Chestnut
Wholemeal Honey swatchWholemeal Honey
Hazlenut Truffle swatchHazlenut Truffle